Emma Stone regrets mod look

Emma Stone

Emma Stone wishes she hadn’t worn heart-shaped sunglasses when she was growing up.

The 23-year-old actress has experimented with many different looks over the years. She loved hippie fashion when she was in her teenage years but isn’t sure the look really suited her.

“As a teenager I was really into ‘60s fashion. First, it was all about John Lennon, so I wore floaty bohemian outfits and burned a lot of incense,” she recalled. “Then I tried to do a ‘60s mod look, with monochrome colours and heart-shaped sunglasses. I’m not sure I got either look quite right.”

Emma finds she is more and more drawn to years gone past when it comes to clothes. One of the best things about her job is that she continually gets to try on pieces she would never have had the chance to otherwise.

“I’ve just finished shooting a movie called The Gangster Squad that’s set in the ‘40s,” she told the British edition of InStyle magazine.

“I love the fashion: men in trench coats and hats, women with pencilled eyebrows, corsets and lipstick – they really dedicated themselves to the look back then.

“It was such a glamorous era.”

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