Emmerdale's Belle Dingle faces backlash over Tom carjacking

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Tom King has taken out his anger on girlfriend Belle Dingle over being carjacked in Emmerdale.

In scenes that aired on Thursday night (September 7), Tom resorted to blaming Belle after he was attacked by thieves and had his brand new car stolen.

The disastrous day started when Tom pulled up to the vets in a flashy new car, leaving Belle unimpressed when he offered to give Dawn Taylor a spin.

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Dawn tried to smooth things over by arranging a double date with herself and Billy, but the romantic meal went off the rails too when Belle and Tom started arguing.

Tom was eventually called away on emergency work for the vets, but as he approached his car to leave, he was confronted by a thief. When Tom refused to hand over the keys to his brand new car, a second thief hit him on the head and then the two criminals made off with his flashy ride.

Belle was horrified when she later found her boyfriend injured in the road and called for an ambulance. Tom eventually refused medical attention and stewed over the ordeal. Later, PC Swirling and his partner came round to speak to Belle and Tom, but Tom was insistent he wouldn't go to the hospital to get his wounds checked out.


"Please can you tell him to go to the hospital?" Belle begged PC Swirling. "He could have a concussion or swelling."

"Or a headache, from you banging on, more like," Tom snidely interjected.

Even PC Swirling's suggestion of getting checked was ignored, and Tom only got more upset when the PC suggested local thieves may have been watching social media to look for potential targets.

"It's my own fault, right? That is what you're both saying," Tom asked PC Swirling and Belle.

tom king , belle dingle, emmerdale

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PC Swirling insisted he was "just stating the facts" without judgment, then made a hasty exit with his partner. Tom then shifted the blame towards Belle, insisting he'd been so concerned with upsetting her that he never even saw the carjacking coming.

Belle insisted on driving Tom to A&E to get checked, until he exploded at her: "Stop telling me what to do and leave me alone! Just go back to yours and sulk, like you said you were going to. I don't need you here making things worse than they already are!"

Belle rushed off, leaving Tom all alone to think about how he'd just alienated the person who cared for him most.

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