Emmerdale's Gabby Thomas resorts to blackmailing Billy Fletcher

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Gabby Thomas has resorted to blackmailing Billy Fletcher in Emmerdale.

Having recently returned from a mini-break to clear her head, Gabby remains intent on getting revenge on ex-fiancé Nicky for manipulating her as part of Caleb's plot to take control of Home Farm.

Gabby has also been hoping to forget her fleeting kiss with friend Dawn's husband Billy, yet she used that moment to her advantage in Friday's episode (September 1).

In the latest instalment, Gabby wasn't happy about Jai and Laurel's decision to hire Suni as the new chef at the HOP, since the newbie has started dating Nicky.

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She tried to meddle in Suni's love life by setting him up with the freshly-returned Ethan, even though Ethan was in the middle of grieving his grandfather.

"I could really see you with Suni. He's kinda your type, if you know what I'm saying," she told Ethan.

Ethan was confused by the insinuation, especially after Gabby insisted Suni wants "a man who can control" him. Ethan made a quick excuse to leave before Gabby even finished her insulting matchmaking pitch.

Throughout the episode, viewers saw Gabby drinking more than usual until she ran into Billy in town again. He tried to lend a sympathetic ear as Gabby railed against Nicky's feelings for Suni.

"Maybe you could help me send a message to him. You know, the type that Nicky won't forget," Gabby demanded.

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When Billy refused to beat up Nicky, Gabby threatened to tell Dawn about their kiss. Billy tried to remind Gabby that she was the one who made a move on him.

"All I have to do is plant the seed of doubt and let Dawn do the rest. Just go on and get it done, the clock is ticking," Gabby shot back.

Will Billy give in to Gabby's blackmail?

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