Emmerdale's Jacob shares feelings for Victoria

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Jacob Gallagher has stunned Victoria Barton in Emmerdale by revealing he has romantic feelings for her.

It's certainly an awkward situation for numerous reasons, not only because Jacob's father David previously dated Victoria and has been trying to win her back.

Earlier this week, Victoria also had to admit to David and Leyla that she was responsible for the mishap with the food at Hide that caused Jacob to have a severe allergic reaction.

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In Tuesday's (September 19) episode, Leyla was on the warpath over the mistake and warned David that she would be coming after Victoria's job.

David tried to convince Leyla not to seek revenge, reminding her that Jacob also recently had to be hospitalised when he attacked Leyla's drug dealer.

Victoria turned up at the hospital to check on Jacob once again, but was horrified to hear the nurse explaining to Leyla and David that their son had been through "a massive trauma".

When the nurse asked how this could have happened since Jacob is aware of his allergy, Leyla swore that Victoria would not get away with what she'd done.

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Over at Hide, Leyla angrily questioned why Victoria still had her job and then turned her rage towards Gabby for her "shoddy food safety practices". Leyla threatened Gabby that she would be held liable as well, then stood up in front of all the customers to announce Hide needed to be shut down because the food isn't safe.

"By the time I'm finished with you, you're not going to be able to give this place away," Leyla warned Gabby.

Gabby reacted by firing Victoria, explaining "somebody's got to take the bullet" and it wouldn't be Gabby. Later, David came round to assure Victoria that Jacob was fine and had been asking for her.

She went back to the hospital to visit Jacob, only to be left stunned when he revealed that ordeal made him reconsider his priorities.

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He took Victoria's hand and promised he'd call Leyla off, but then there was a fraught moment where Jacob held onto her hand and stared into her eyes.

"Jacob, you had a scare so it's normal things are a bit heightened," Victoria tried to explain.

He was left heartbroken when Victoria made a quick excuse to leave. How will Jacob react to this rejection?

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