Emmy Rossum: Nudity isn’t brave

Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum doesn't think it's brave to "take off your clothes".

The Shameless star is puzzled by the idea that stripping for the camera constitutes courage.

Emmy commented on the attention her role in the US TV series has generated as a result of her character Fiona's often near naked scenes. This has led to Girls creator Lena Dunham complaining last year that while she is labelled "brave" for stripping on screen, Emmy doesn't get the same treatment as she has a "perfect butt".

“I don’t have a perfect butt,” Emmy protested to the Chicago Sun-Times. “I don’t think it’s brave to take off your clothes. I think it’s brave to be emotionally bare. I think it’s brave to play unlikable, and I think it’s brave to put on prosthetics and make yourself ugly. I think it’s brave to be vulgar. Whether Lena and I are taking our clothes off on cable is of no consequence. We’re just trying to tell stories. I love her on Girls, and she clearly appreciates my bottom as well. But it’s just your body. It doesn’t matter.”

Emmy has learnt to feel comfortable getting naked in front of people as a result of her role. She recalled how the show's crazy production schedule forces her to change outfits in strangers’ bathrooms, church basements and even on the train.

"I was fully changing clothes [and the train was pulling into a crowded platform], ducking down behind the seats, trying not to be seen," she laughed.

The 26-year-old revealed some of her favourite shopping haunts in Chicago, where Shameless is filmed. She explained how vintage stores are her preferred clothing destinations as well as her co-star Joan Cusack's Gold Coast boutique.

“I buy lots of funny knickknacks there [at Joan Cusack's store],” Emmy finished. “It’s like entering the brain of Joan Cusack. Creative overload, weird, happy.”

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