Emmys: ‘Gilmore Girls’ Star Lauren Graham Revisits Her ‘Scariest’ Scene

Kelly Woo
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

As we enter Emmy season — nomination voting runs June 12 to June 26 — Yahoo TV will be spotlighting performances and other contributions that we feel deserve recognition.

Gilmore Girls is famous for its snappy, mile-a-minute, pop-culture-laden dialogue, but there was one speech in the Netflix revival A Year in the Life that made even star Lauren Graham tremble.

“It was the scariest thing I had to do,” she says, referring to the scene in “Fall” in which Lorelai makes a call to her mother, Emily (Kelly Bishop), while on her Wild trek in California. “It was one of the last things we did. It meant a lot to me personally, because it is a memory that Lorelai has of her father — who, in real life, had passed, and in the show, his absence was a very big presence.”

In Yahoo TV’s “My Scene to Remember” Emmy series, Graham recalls how she and creator Amy Sherman-Palladino used to wonder how far they could push the word-heavy monologues. So when they began shooting A Year in the Life, Sherman-Palladino told her to “get ready.”

“One of the things I like the most about Amy’s writing is that she takes a tiny little thing and expands upon it and lifts up these little life moments and makes them into something poetic or sweet or dreamy,” Graham says.

That phone conversation is a major turning point for the two characters, who have never had the best of relationships. Despite attending therapy together, they can’t seem to connect — until they’re thousands of miles and several time zones apart.

“It turns into really the first expression of true loss and anger and sadness between these two women, who, if they were different, would help each other through it,” Graham says. “It’s how she says ‘I’m sorry’ to her mom, and I just thought it was so beautiful.”

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