‘Emotional’ few days for Dollah Superstar’s Isma Yusoof after coming out as a transwoman

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It has been an emotional few days for actor Isma Yusoof after coming out as a transgender individual to his 42,000 Instagram fans this week.

The actor, who has graced television screens since 2006, yesterday thanked the public for their outpouring of support after opening up to fans Monday, when the Dollah Superstar actor said that she had always been attracted to men and felt like a woman on the inside.

“Thank you to everyone who prayed for me, as I’ve been quite emotional for the past few days,” she told fans yesterday, adding: “The best form of kindness is support and love.”

Monday’s stirring confession, which has since been viewed 115,000 times, was posted in response to queries from fans about Isma’s sexuality, the actor pointed out.

“Yes, I’m a pondan (a transgender individual), I’ve been this way since I was young,” the video went.

“There are a few followers who have asked me why I behave like a sissy,” Isma said. “You only think I’m heterosexual because I play straight characters on TV, but that’s my job – acting.”

Unlike other popular transgender persons in the country who take hormone pills and change their voice, Isma pointed out that she was contented with the body she has.

“Some ask if I consume hormones, but why would I need to do that?” Isma said. “I’m happy with my face, I’m happy with my body, I’m happy with my voice. I never thought of taking hormones.”

“I accept myself as a pondan … I am a transgender woman. I feel like a woman on the inside. I’m sexually attracted to masculine men.”

This is the first time Isma opened up to fans about her sexuality after dropping a big hint in an October post.

“It’s so nice to see you be yourself, Isma. As long as you’re comfortable,” commenter @Masakapabossku said.

“Hope the self-acceptance makes her a happier person,” another said.

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