Emotional ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season Finale Bids Farewell to More Cast Members

In an emotional Grey’s Anatomy finale, it was revealed that some of the characters would be leaving Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. All the drama began when a rapist inadvertently caused an explosion that nearly killed Dr. Stephanie Edwards and a young girl named Erin.

Stephanie and Erin managed to survive, thanks to the doctor’s bravery and quick thinking. Stephanie managed to get Erin, who was badly injured, to the roof of the hospital, where help could come for them. The ordeal was a lot for Stephanie to process, and in the end she decided she needed to take a break from being a doctor and travel the world.

During an administrative debriefing, Dr. Eliza Minnick blamed the explosion and rapist on Stephanie and Dr. Richard Webber’s failure to follow protocol. This drew the ire of Dr. Miranda Bailey, who said, “Dr. Minnick, I don’t believe that there’s a place for you in my hospital any longer. … This is not some factory that turns out surgical robots. We make doctors. Thinking, feeling, human doctors, and we will teach them right.”

And while Dr. Minnick and Dr. Edwards said goodbye to Grey Sloan, Meredith may have said goodbye to love. She informed her new flame, Dr. Riggs, that his old flame Megan (Owen’s sister) had been discovered alive after missing and presumed dead for 10 years. Riggs immediately took off to see Megan, so we’ll have to wait until next season to see who wins his heart.

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