Endo Closet specializes in clothing for endometriosis sufferers

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Endo Closet specializes in clothing adapted to the needs of women who suffer from endometriosis, painful periods and digestive complaints.

French woman Coline Le Boulaire has launched the online store Endo Closet to meet the needs of endometriosis sufferers like herself, who want to dress stylishly but are careful to avoid tight clothing. All of the jeans, dresses and skirts on sale on the website have one thing in common: they don't press on areas that might be tender to ensure maximum comfort under all circumstances.

How many women find that hopping into a pair of jeans and wearing them all day is quite a battle, especially during lunch hour, and even if no one else seems to notice? It is a problem that affects more women than you might think, but one that is even more bothersome when the woman in question suffers from endometriosis, a complex disease that is not easily diagnosed but can, among other things, be the cause of severe aches and pains.

So without a massive effort, it is next to impossible for these women to wear tight clothes, because anything figure-hugging will quickly result in pain. Coline Le Boulaire, who is an endometriosis sufferer herself, has launched the Endo Closet online store, whose main objective is to provide women affected by this illness with a wardrobe that is both comfortable and stylish. "Down with tight clothes" is the watchword for the store, which offers classic pieces, like jeans, for example, but ones that have been designed to offer a generous fit that allows them to be worn without effort.

"An endogirl at age 28, for me, it has always been a struggle to find something to wear that won't become painful because it's too tight around the tummy. With this website, I wanted to help all endogirls and everyone else for that matter, who, like me, has had to battle with this problem," explains Coline Le Boulaire on her e-shop's website. We should note in passing that the online store is not exclusively for endometriosis sufferers. The clothes are also highly recommended for women affected by polycystic ovarian syndrome, period pain, and even digestive complaints… In fact, the store is for all women who at one time or another need to feel more at ease in their clothes.

Most of the creations on Endo Closet avoid pressing on the waist, which might aggravate pain, and also help to hide any bloating that might make their wearers uncomfortable. There are jeans made with a high percentage of spandex for greater comfort, and in some cases without buttons or zippers, and also dresses that are loose-fitting or with specific cuts (wrap-over, babydoll, and straight) that do not exert any pressure at the waist to ensure optimal comfort.

With regard to prices: jeans on Endo Closet retail for around 30 euros, and dresses can be had for around 45 euros. In a word, affordable.

Christelle Pellissier