Englishman commits suicide in Phuket

News Desk in Bangkok/The Nation (Thailand)
Asia News Network

Bangkok (The Nation-Thailand/ANN) - An English man, apparently depressed and unemployed for five months, jumped to his death at his apartment in Phuket, Thailand in front of his girlfriend on Saturday.

The deceased man, identified as Julian Machie, 37, apparently jumped from the fifth floor of room 501 of the rented apartment in front of the entrance of Srinakharinvirot University.

Police found no trace of fighting or struggle while the body had a broken neck and other bone fractures

His Thai girlfriend, 27-year-old Yani, said she had a relationship with Machie for more than a month. Yani said Machie had been unemployed for some time before arriving in Phuket in search of a job. He failed to find one after looking for three to four months. She was not with Machie but said she received a text before the apparent suicide stating: "Please say sorry to my mom. I love you very much too."

Meanwhile, a Swede by the name of Michael Aldius, 42, apparently shot himself dead in Chantaburi province's Tha Mai district.

His Thai wife, who asked not to be named, said her husband suffered from blood clotting and was recently relieved from his oil-drilling job in Singapore and had become an alcoholic.