Ensure party remains relevant, Umno members told


PEKAN: Umno members should not regard the party as irrelevant but instead continue to support its struggles so that it can rise again. Former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said this today as he called on them to embrace the spirit demonstrated by Umno members in the past when they worked hard to oppose the Malayan Union and emerged victorious. The Pekan member of parliament said it was the responsibility of all Umno members to ensure that the 72-year-old party did not cease to exist. “We must not allow our party to come to an end,” he said at a buka puasa event at the Kampung Tanjung Agas mosque here today. “As long as we can breathe and our souls remain in our bodies, we must continue with Umno’s struggles. “There will not be a sweet ending in every battle. At times we have to face bitter challenges... only those who remain persistent and practise consistency can overcome hurdles to ensure victory. “That is the reason I do not want people to assume that Umno is no longer relevant.” Najib, who is also Pekan Umno division chairman, said the party did not have the strength to oppose the Malayan Union during its early years. “We did not even have economic strength but we had a strong spirit and unity... and that saw us bring down the Malayan Union. “We need to return to our old ways. “Although we are no longer in power and cannot implement development projects, we have a strong spirit to ensure that we continue to fight our battles.” He said Umno members should view the party’s present circumstances (poor showing in the 14th General Election) as a big test from God. Najib said, during his tenure as prime minister, he only made promises that could be implemented. “Many people seem to be questioning the promises made by Pakatan Harapan prior to the general election,” he said. “During my time, I made sure I fulfilled the promises that I made... if we make promises only to gain power then we might have to answer for it in the hereafter.”

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