Entenmann's Just Added 2 Unique New Cakes to Its Lineup

Donut or cake? Now you don’t have to choose.

<p>Dotdash Meredith/Janet Maples</p>

Dotdash Meredith/Janet Maples

We instantly get lost in childhood nostalgia when we think of Entenmann's. Between the classic crumb cakes and bite-sized chocolate chip cookies, this baked goods brand is all about giving us serious comfort vibes.

But Entenmann’s has been known to shake things up recently with its ice cream sandwiches and ready-to-bake cookie dough line. Now, it’s offering something new to its list of sweets: donut cakes that come in two unique flavors.

Entenmann’s New Donut Cakes

Entenmann’s recently released its first-ever baked donut cakes. Combining old-school donuts with bakery-style moist cakes, the new donut cakes are everything we didn’t realize we needed.

As for flavors, you have your pick of cinnamon and sugar or double chocolate chip, with a box of six to enjoy. Each donut cake is also individually wrapped to make for easy on-the-go treats whenever you get a craving, say, in the afternoon with your late-day coffee. We can’t wait to pair these new donut cakes with our favorite drinks. We think the double chocolate chip flavor might work nicely with a mocha coffee, while the cinnamon cakes are just screaming to accompany the seasonal pumpkin spice latte.

Richard Link, Entenmann’s Senior Director of Marketing, said, “At Entenmann's, we are constantly exploring new ways our fans can enjoy our beloved baked goods. Our research shows that consumers are looking for indulgent, individually wrapped snacks for on-the-go snacking, so we wanted to deliver in the sweetest way!" "Our latest innovation, Entenmann's Donut Cakes are truly the perfect blend of an old-fashioned donut with a modern twist, and we can't wait to hear what our fans think."

The online community is already talking about these donut cakes, too. Instagram user tmc_reviews posted about spotting these new treats at Walmart, and one commenter said that the “chocolate ones are good.” On another post raving about the double chocolate chip flavor, one follower said they knew the cakes “wouldn’t last a day” in the house.

The donut cakes are now available at select grocery stores and retail chains. To find a location near you, go to Entenmann’s site and add your zip code to the store locator page.

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