Epic fail: E-scooter driver hits child on Orchard Road pavement, then proceeds to fight with his father

The prize for “E-Scooter Driver Who Really Should Not Have Been Born” probably goes to this guy who reportedly hit a three-year-old child while zooming down an Orchard Road pavement, then proceeded to fight with the kid’s father.

(We’re already rolling our eyes as we write this, but we thought this would be a good public service announcement to remind e-scooter riders out there not to be as idiotic as this fella.)

The incident

On Friday evening, an e-scooter driver who was carrying a delivery bag belonging to food delivery service Deliveroo reportedly hit a three-year-old child on an Orchard Road pavement, according to a Facebook post made by Andy Yeu Mai.

The father of the kid was mad at the incident and reportedly punched the e-scooter driver as they were in a scuffle before a bystander filmed the aftermath of the fight.

A woman, who appeared to be the father’s wife, was seen in the video restraining her husband calmly and separating him from the e-scooter driver.

While the father blamed the driver for banging into his son, the e-scooter driver instead blamed the parents for not taking care of the kid, thus causing the accident to happen.

Some other women are seen in the video tending to the kid who was affected by the incident.

It must be noted that e-scooter drivers do share the pavement with other pedestrians which can cause incidents like this to happen when clear lines are not drawn on pavements separating personal mobility device riders and pedestrians.

In Taiwan, bike lanes have been built on pavements and laws have been implemented banning bikes from being used on sidewalks unless there is a bike lane on it.

Perhaps Singapore could consider something like this to prevent further incidents such as this from happening in the future.

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