Eric Tsang dating TVB starlet

Eric Tsang dating TVB starlet

21 Mar – Rumours are rife that actor Eric Tsang is dating TVB starlet Meini Cheung, after they were spotted attending various events together for the past few months.

As reported on Groove Asia, Eric also included Meini in his Macau entourage recently, which include several artistes such as Jordan Chen, Michael Miu, Nancy Wu, Jaime Chik and Toby Leung. The actress, who was not scheduled to perform on stage, was seen mingling and taking photos with the sponsors without leaving his side.

It was also alleged that as soon as the dinner event concluded, Eric booked a night club to throw a birthday party for the 32-year-old actress. They were seen leaving the club around 3am.

A source disclosed, "Eric and Meini were not that close until Kayi Cheung introduced them to each other six months ago. Meini has been accompanying and attending parties with Eric and entertaining him with her outgoing personality."

It was also revealed that Eric has been taking her to all his events and helped her get several job opportunities, mostly in China.

However, upon hearing the rumour, Meini was quick to dispel it. She sang praises about the actor's generosity, but stated, "Everyone knows I have a boyfriend."