Escape to a lotus-shaped bamboo house in Sri Lanka

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Architect Thilina Liyanage has designed lotus houses in the heart of the Sri Lankan forest.

Architect Thilina Liyanage has imagined lotus houses in the heart of the Sri Lankan forest, perfect for relaxing and communing with nature. Halfway between a magical village and a Smurf's house, these villas in woven bamboo will get you dreaming.

Looking for serenity? Head for Sri Lanka where architect Thilina Liyanage has designed villas in the shape of lotus flowers. As if out of a dream, these monumental flowers are made from interlaced bamboo, emerging from a dense forest area. To reinforce the magic, luminous garlands connect the houses to each other.

To make these architectural lotus retreats, Thilina Liyanage imagined raised structures on curved bamboo pillars topped with a lotus flower. On the first floor, each hut offers a space that is open to the outside for rest and relaxation. The staircase wraps around the structure to create a walking area on the upper floor, supported by three bamboo trees. The upper floor has a corolla-like appearance. In order to preserve privacy, the windows are hidden by a bamboo trellis, both subtle and graceful.

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