Esscom to establish another checkpoint at Sapi Nangoh for better security


LAHAD DATU: Eastern Sabah Security Zone (Esscom) will establish another Road Check Point (RCP) at Sapi Nangoh, Beluran, for better security in the area.

Esscom commander Datuk Hazani Ghazali said since the implementation of RCP at Kalabakan-Sapulut in March, they had arrested a man with live bullets as well as 40 illegal immigrants trying to enter Keningau.

He said the checkpoints aim to curb Tawau from becoming a transit point for smuggling and entry of illegal immigrants into the state.

“The RCP at Kalabakan has shown its effectiveness. However there are many illegal routes that have been created.

“Among them are Kampung Murut in Kalabakan which connects to Tingkayu in Silam and from there, they can go to Tongod in Sandakan,” he said in a statement.

Hazani said the proposed checkpoint at Jalan Sapi-Nangoh will cut off connection of illegal route between Telupid and Pitas.

He said these people not only used oil palm plantation areas but also encroached into forest reserves to avoid the checkpoints in Kalabakan.

“Criminals always look for opportunities and even have ‘teams’ to help in monitoring security enforcement, and they will only act when the situation is ‘clear’ for them.

“The teams are not necessarily locals. Some are foreigners as they could charge a minimum of RM150 for one illegal immigrant and can earn up to RM1,500 a night if there are 10 people,” Hazani said.

He said there were many people who disliked the checkpoints, which also indirectly helped to curb illegal logging activities that need to use lorry to transport the logs.

“That is why I emphasise integrity among personnel and I need Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (to work) with us,” he added. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd