Esther Yu denies dating Vanness Wu



9 Jun – Chinese actress Esther Yu (Yu Shuxin) has recently dismissed the notion that she is now dating Taiwanese singer Vanness Wu.

It is noted that the two were romantically linked together recently, after it was reported that Esther and Vanness' private itineraries matched many times, including both being in Beijing earlier in May at the same time, and later in Hong Kong.

She was also seen in LA while Vanness was having dinner with his family in the city.

The rumour sparked criticism, as Esther is only 27, while Vanness is now 44.

The actress had since denied this in a long post via her studio's Weibo account, saying that she does not know Vanness or even has his contact number.

The studio also stated that they were in direct contact with Vanness' team, and was told that the singer decided not to pay any attention to it since it was outrageous.


"We also know that there may be more similar rumours and speculations in the future, and we cannot respond and explain each time. After discussion, we would like to use this Weibo post to express our gratitude to friends who have always cared and supported Yu Shuxin, and hope that one day in the future, everyone will no longer have to fall into this ridiculous theory. I hope everyone can relax and enjoy every day," the studio added.


Esther is 17 years younger than the singer
Esther is 17 years younger than the singer


(Photo Source: Esther Yu Weibo, Vanness Wu Fanpage IG)