Estonia’s capital closes road for amphibian migration

This road in Estonia has been partially closed

to help frogs and toads migrate to their breeding grounds

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

(SOUNDBITE) (Estonian) ESTONIAN NATURE FUND VOLUNTEER, KRISTEL SAARM, SAYING:"On Astangu (street), the frogs cross the road, because the ponds they are born in are on one side of the road, and their wintering place is on the other side. So, they are forced to cross the road (to lay eggs)."

Volunteers say the amphibiansare very sleepy after a long winter

and are unable to move quickly out of the way of oncoming traffic

The road will be closed from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. for a two week period

as the animals are most active at night

(SOUNDBITE) (Estonian) ESTONIAN NATURE FUND VOLUNTEER, KRISTEL SAARM, SAYING:"Usually, when it is really, really warm and good weather, it may be that there are up to 300 frogs crossing the road at the same time. // Unfortunately, it is not possible to solve this problem solely by traffic signs, so the volunteers have to help the frogs as well as educate drivers: make them take into consideration the regulations at least for these nine hours in the twenty-four-hours span."

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