EU targets Russia’s ‘shadow fleet’ with new sanctions — report

Oil tankers
Oil tankers

The European Union is poised to impose restrictions on 11 Russian vessels for violating sanctions, Bloomberg reported on May 7.

The European Commission drafted a proposal to expand sanctions against Moscow on May 6. If the draft gets approved by EU member states, the 11 ships will be banned from accessing EU ports and anchorages, further complicating their operations by prohibiting the use of European companies for a variety of logistical and insurance services.

The vessels in question include four fuel tankers, two oil tankers, two liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers, and a cargo ship. One of these vessels, the tanker Andromeda Star, reportedly had invalid European insurance.

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As per the draft, the vessels will also face bans on insurance and technical maintenance, including services related to ship provisioning, crew changes, loading and unloading, and towing. Additionally, European suppliers will be prohibited from engaging in ship-to-ship transfers.

These restrictions form part of the EU's measures to counteract Russia's circumvention of oil price caps through a "shadow fleet," as well as to limit the activities of ships transporting goods which finance Russian weapons industry.

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