Europe in a new antebellum, Polish PM warns

Donald Tusk
Donald Tusk

Europe is now living in a new “pre-war” era, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said during a speech at the annual congress of the European People's Party political bloc in Bucharest on March 7.

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He said that there is no reason to "capitulate before evil" now, as Europe's potential is greater than that of those who "attack it."

"The times of blissful calm are over," The Guardian quotes Tusk.

“The postwar epoch is gone. We are living in new times, in a prewar epoch. In fact, for some of our brothers, it is no longer even a prewar time. It is a full-scale war in its most cruel form.”

According to the Polish PM, Europe today must recognize that it "is faced with a simple choice — either we undertake the fight to defend our borders, our territory, our principles, and as a consequence our citizens and future generations, or we will fall."

"There is no objective reason to capitulate before evil," Tusk said.

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“The potential of Europe, economic, financial, demographic, moral, is greater than the potential of those who attack us. It is crucial today that Europe believes in its strength.”

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He added that the EU states themselves "are the best guarantors of our safety and of our unity."

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"As you well know, the only person you can count on is yourself," Tusk concluded.

“Europeans will be united when they see with all clarity that the Union is really our Europe, a safe and good home for the people.”

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