Eva Green: Pasta relaxes me

Eva Green

Eva Green says eating pasta calms her down.

The French actress has revealed an unusual way of controlling her stress levels. She loves to tuck into a bowl of steaming seafood with spaghetti when she is feeling anxious.

“Pasta makes me calm,” Eva told the British edition of Marie Claire. “I love chilli and garlic, spaghetti vongole. Just don’t kiss your boyfriend straight after eating it.”

Eva was discussing the things that make her happy. The 31-year-old beauty enjoys listening to Janis Joplin and watching her old concerts.

“I love 60s and 70s music,” Eva explained. “It’s amazing to watch films of her. She had guts and was different in every show.”

Eva went on to speak about her favourite Hollywood icons. The star is a huge fan of Bette Davis and regularly watches her movies.

“She was so grounded and funny,” she added. “I love her in The Star, which isn’t very well known.”

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