Eva Longoria likes to relax before red carpet

Eva Longoria relaxed before Cannes Film Festival with a massage.

The actress recently attended the Jimmy P. (Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian) premiere in France.

Sporting a mint-green Versace dress and wavy hair, Eva looked beautiful and even allowed herself a bit of pamper time before hitting the red carpet.

L'Oréal Paris nail technician, Tom Bachik, explained why his services are so sought after at the big film event.

"Hair and make-up is being done at the same time and it's hard because everybody's trying to work, but it's nice that I can help them and give a little bit of stress relief with a hand or foot massage," he smiled to the British edition of OK! magazine.

"Eva Longoria, in particular, loves them. She always says, 'I need to relax, Tom, make me feel nice!'"

The former Desperate Housewives star stood out in her gown, which featured a low-cut back and a thigh-high split.

Tom gave the brunette beauty some understated nail art to keep the focus on her impressive outfit.

"With Eva, we went super-natural. We did one coat of perfecting cream, which evened out the tone, then put a nice sheer colour on it," he explained.

"We kept everything natural because the dress was a popping statement."

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