EventNook makes self-service event registration simple and easy

Jacky Yap

EventNook provides features such as registrations and attendee management, promotions, invoicing and ticketing to event organizers.

Whether you are running your own company, or working for SMEs and corporates, events and meetups are important to help you connect with the community and the ecosystem. Events, seminars and workshops for every industry vertical are happening everyday. EventNook , a self-service tool to start an online event registration page aims to make the job easier for event organizers.

What is EventNook? 

Basically, EventNook is a web app that allows any event organizer to easily set up an event page. You can manage registrations, attendees, promotions, invoicing, and your event ticketing all through the platform. For larger conferences and events, EventNook is also providing organizers with enterprise ability, which is not visible to public users, such as custom credit card payment gateway integration, custom invoicing, and custom reporting.

EventNook is free of charge for free events. For paid events, customers pay 2.5% of ticket fee (capped at $ 9) to EventNook only when they make ticket sales.

How does EventNook stand out?

Event registration platforms are not new, as we are aware of some of the major players such as EventBrite and Amiando. Locally and regionally, there are also FlickEvents and PeaTix .

“In Singapore, EventNook focuses on serving the needs of medium and large businesses which organize regular large conferences where EventBrite is underserving. These companies need a good local support team and features such as GST requirement, automated Tax invoice, or custom reporting. For public users, those features provided to large event businesses are not visible by default as we want to keep it simple and easy for smaller events. I think FlickEvents has been in private beta for the last 2 years and obviously, we are lacking of the leading strong player in the region.” – Founder Kyaw Lin Oo


The EventNook founding story

“When I started the company in Aug 2010, the goal was to create an IT service company which is a fun place to work for software developers and to make living by delivering good works to customers. But I realized that to become the kind of company I want to create, I must create a product company instead of service business after joining Founder Institute Singapore (startup incubator program) in Oct 2010. At the same time, I was attending many events regularly to find partners and prospects and realized that the event registration is still a big hassle for most of the event companies which are non-tech-savvy. So, I started doing customer discovery and development.

“I felt that is a great opportunity to make this works and easy for them. And fortunately, I got to know a customer from Founder Institute contact who is willing to pay for registration system for their upcoming conferences. That’s how I get started with this project. We launched the first version of product in June 2011 and since then, we have been supporting some of the large conferences in Singapore such Global Entrepolis and the Russia Singapore Business Forum.”

What the team is currently up to

Other than Global Entrepolis and the Russia Singapore Business Forum, EventNook is also the event registration platform partner for HelpLearn.Asia. The team is currently exploring how they can provide a seamless experience on mobile ticketing and mobile check-in, leveraging some emerging technologies such as the NFC and iPhone passbook. When asked about countries the team focusing on right now, founder Kyaw Lin Oo shared that for their customer service, sales and marketing engagement, the immediate plan is to focus on Asia, especially Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia where “our competitors doesn’t have a strong presence.” EventNook is also looking for local partners for distribution.

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