Have you ever had sex? Chinese students blame art college dean for bizarre questions in politics exam

Nonsensical test questions about students’ sex lives, childbirth plans and “the benefits of having Aids” have blown up a storm online after allegedly featuring in a southeast Chinese college’s end-of-term exam.

A paper on “Mao Zedong Thought and Socialism with Chinese Characteristics Ideology” for second-year students at Beihai College of Art and Design in Beihai, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, contained personal questions that had no relevance to course material, according to photos of the test paper shared on social media, news site Guancha reported.

These included questions such as: “Have you ever had sexual relations with the opposite gender?” Also, “Have you made marriage preparations yet?” and “Is it important to choose your spouse’s genes?”

Several questions supposedly related to China’s population problems and childbirth. The test asked: “Would you have kids for the future of the country?”. Also, “Do you want children in future? Or do you want to end your family line?” and “Can you discuss what it feels like to give birth?”.

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The questions were set by the school’s dean, who had written the school’s literature and “ideology and law foundations” exams, the report quoted students as saying.

Essay questions such as “Have you ever had a secret relationship?” and “Describe your dream lover” have appeared in these exams in recent years, one student was quoted as saying.

One unnamed test candidate told the website that the students were stunned when they saw the test papers, but no one raised concerns for fear their grades would be affected. Political ideology courses are compulsory for all students at higher learning institutions in China.

“We were like chickens forced to eat rice by someone pressing down on the neck, to be slaughtered if we do not eat,” the candidate was quoted as saying.

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The test made up 10 per cent of the students’ grades, the report said.

Criticism of the school and demands that the dean apologise to students followed the publication of the exams online.

“I just heard that a student who leaked the test paper was punished [by the school],” said one Weibo user who claimed to be a student at Tsinghua University.

“The scary thing is not the questions, but that people would still answer them and have their answers graded according to a standard,” wrote another.

The school could not be reached for comment and did not made a statement about the matter. The Weibo pages of two students who leaked the test paper photos have been deleted.

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