Everything We Know About the ‘Heathers’ Reboot So Far

Let’s go get a slushie! Heathers is coming to TV.

That’s right, the 1988 cult classic film starring Christian Slater and Winona Ryder is getting rebooted for television. The series will be 10 hourlong episodes of dark dramedy and will air on the Paramount Network, which is what Spike TV will be rebranding itself in 2018.

Winona Ryder, Kim Walker, Lisanne Falk, and Shannon Doherty in the original Heathers, 1988. (Photo: New World/Everett Collection)

The show will be set in the present day and will feature a whole new crop of mean Heathers, played by Jasmine Matthews, Brendan Scannell, and Melanie Field. The roles originally featuring Slater and Ryder will be played by James Scully and Grace Victoria Cox. Shannen Doherty, who played Heather Duke in the film, guest-stars in the pilot. And Selma Blair was just added to the cast, playing Jade, Heather Duke’s chain-smoking, gold-digging stepmother.

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