Everything We Know About ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 4 So Far

“The Umbrella Academy” Season 4 is on the horizon, which makes it the perfect time to brush up on what we know about the upcoming episodes and refresh on what already happened.

The show’s last season has the Hargreeves siblings dropped powerless in a new timeline where their villainous father seems to be ruling. The mix of Umbrellas and Sparrows have to contend with the new normal while also working to stop their father.

“Umbrella Academy” Season 4 hits Netflix on Aug. 8 with a shortened final season. Here’s what you need to know and remember before then.

When does “The Umbrella Academy” Season 4 premiere?

The fourth and final season of “The Umbrella Academy” will air on Netflix Aug. 8. The final season will consist of six episodes rather than the usual 10 from the first three seasons. The titles of those episodes are:

  • “The Unbearable Tragedy of Getting What You Want”

  • “Jean and Gene”

  • “The Squid and the Girl”

  • “The Cleanse”

  • “Six Years, Five Months and Two Days”

  • “End of the Beginning”

What’s “The Umbrella Academy” Season 4 about?

The fourth and final season of “The Umbrella Academy” picks up after the Hargreeves’ battle in Hotel Oblivion. The siblings are stranded in a new reality where they are powerless, but find that a normal life isn’t so bad – despite the fact that their father Reginald is back alive. Here’s what the official synopsis says:

“The Hargreeves siblings have scattered after the climactic showdown at the Hotel Oblivion led to a complete reset of their timeline. Stripped of their powers, each is left to fend for themselves and find a new normal—with wildly varying degrees of success. Yet the trappings of their uncanny new world prove too hard to ignore for very long. Their father Reginald, alive and well, has stepped out of the shadows and into the public eye, overseeing a powerful and nefarious business empire. A mysterious association known as The Keepers holds clandestine meetings believing the reality they’re living in is a lie and a great reckoning is coming. As these strange new forces conspire around them, the Umbrella Academy must come together one last time—and risk upsetting the shaky peace they’ve all endured so much to secure—to finally set things right.”

Who is in the “Umbrella Academy” Season 4 cast?

The Hargreeves siblings are all back for the final season. Elliot Page as Viktor, Tom Hopper as Luther, David Castañeda as Diego, Emmy Raver-Lampman as Allison, Robert Sheehan as Klaus, Aidan Gallagher as Five, Ritu Arya as Lila and Justin H. Min as Ben.

They’re joined by Colm Feore, who plays their father Reginald Hargreeves. Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally and David Cross were also announced to be joining the cast for the final season.

Is There A Trailer For “Umbrella Academy” Season 4?

There is! Netflix dropped the first teaser trailer for “The Umbrella Academy” Season 4 in June. Watch it below.

Will there be a Season 5?

No, Season 4 is the final season of “The Umbrella Academy.”

What happened in the finale of “The Umbrella Academy” Season 3?

In the “Umbrella Academy” Season 3 finale, we learn that Reginald created the Umbrellas – and later the Sparrows – to create a team of seven fighters to take on the guardian at the center of Hotel Oblivion. Think the minotaur of Greek myth. Then they’d be used to power the hotel which would kill them in the process.

Oh and Hotel Oblivion? It’s actually a giant machine capable of creating a new universe, which is exactly what Reginald wants. He manipulates the two groups and as they’re dying, Allison realizes they’ve been played and manages to kill Reginald at last.

After everything she’s suffered through, Allison still wants to activate the machine and restart the timeline — and with Victor’s trust, she does. The season ends showing Allison with her daughter and husband living happily while the rest of the Umbrellas – including Lila and Sparrow Ben but unfortunately not Sloane – emerging from the hotel elevators with their wounds healed but also all of them powerless.

It’s not long before they realize they’re in a timeline where Reginald rules over the city with his wife.

A post-credit scene reveals a separate version of Ben is alive and well in South Korea.

How to watch “The Umbrella Academy” Seasons 1-3

The previous seasons of “The Umbrella Academy” are all available to stream on Netflix. They each consist of 10 episodes for a total of 30.

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