‘Evil’ Singapore thief caught stealing just one sandal from Bedok Reservoir block (Video)

A peaceful night at Bedok Reservoir Road was interrupted by an unmasked man who decides to unleash pure evil by stealing just one sandal recently.

The man in black was caught on a surveillance tape outside Block 113 Bedok Reservoir Road picking up a girl’s purple sandal from a selection of three pairs of shoes left outside and walking away with it cooly.

According to the owner of the clip, the man also took one other shoe.

“At Block 113 Bedok Reservoir Road, he took away only one shoe and one sandal from each pair


,” the video caption read.

We’re not sure why he would do such a thing. Maybe it’s just a prank or something more sinister.

Commenters, too, were left flabbergasted.

“Thats just evil right there..,” First_june wrote.

Instagrammer Saiful.com69 joked that he was “stealing in instalment[s].”

“Very smart guy. He will take 1 side in the evening and another side in the morning,” he wrote.

While user Kid474 thinks that the man was just messing around and just wanted to separate the shoes.

“[J]ust saw a single Crocs left at the void deck of a block, maybe he left it many kilometers away from its origin?”

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