EVOS Esports Thailand beat Taiwan's ONE team to lift Wild Rift Summer Super Cup

(Photo: PPGL Facebook)
(Photo: PPGL Facebook)

EVOS Esports Thailand claimed the title of the best League of Legends: Wild Rift team in Southeast Asia after they overcame Taiwan's ONE Team 3-2 in an intense showdown in the grand finals of the SEA Icon Series Summer Super Cup on Sunday (27 June).

EVOS Esports TH and ONE Team outlasted 14 of the other best Wild Rift teams in Southeast Asia to reach the finals of the Summer Super Cup presented by PPGL.

In the tournament's group stage, EVOS Esports TH topped Group A with a 5-1 record to earn a direct seed to the quarterfinals of the single-elimination playoffs. Meanwhile, ONE Team managed a 4-2 record to finish Group C in second place and start the playoffs from the Round of 12.

From their advantageous start in the quarterfinals, EVOS Esports were able to cruise to the grand finals by sweeping Singapore's Alliance 3-0 and defeating Vietnam's SBTC Esports 3-1.

On the other side of the bracket, ONE Team defeated Thai team Buriram United 3-1 in the Round of 12 before outlasting fellow Taiwanese squad Flash Wolves 3-2 in the quarterfinals.

With momentum on their side, ONE Team swept through Vietnam's Cerberus Esports 3-0 to face EVOS Esports in the grand finals.

EVOS Esports opened the grand finals with a 19-minute victory with a champion line-up comprised of Camille, Fiora, Ziggs, Kai’Sa, and Braum.

However, ONE Team bounced back with a vengeance by scoring back-to-back wins to take a commanding 2-1 series lead.

In game two, the Taiwanese squad made good use of Gragas, Lee Sin, Corki, Ezreal, and Janna to take a 17-minute victory. They ran Corki and Ezreal again in a 19-minute game three, surrounding them with Garen, Jarvan IV, and Rakan to come just one win away from claiming the championship.

With their backs against the wall, EVOS Esports struck back hard with a line-up of Olaf, Galio, Ezreal, Janna, and Camille to win game four after 18 minutes of action and force the finals to a deciding game five.

The final game of the Summer Super Cup ended up being a 25-minute marathon as both squads battled desperately for the championship.

In the end, EVOS Esports' decision to run mostly the same line-up they did with game four, but with Garen replacing Camille, allowed them to claim the series 3-2.

With their victory, EVOS Esports TH claimed the grand prize of US$25,000 and the right to call themselves the first-ever Wild Rift regional champions for Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, ONE Team take home US$19,000 in consolation for finishing in second place.


EVOS Esports Thailand:

  1. Athip “Tippe” Thungsam

  2. Prasittichai “Velds” Jiadchat

  3. Nuttapong “G4” Menkasikan

  4. Jirapat “CatSatan” Khawmee

  5. Anusak “Miracle” Manpadung

ONE Team:

  1. Jyun-Lun “KID” Guo

  2. Chien-Yu “XianYo” Liu

  3. Yong-Sheng “BaiYa” Zhao

  4. "Ninja7"

  5. Wu “SIU” Chu-Yung

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