Ex-actor Huang Yiliang jailed for assaulting worker with metal scraper

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Huang Yi Liang leaving the State Courts on 29 November 2019 after he was charged for assault. (PHOTO: Yahoo News Singapore/Wan Ting Koh)
Huang Yi Liang leaving the State Courts on 29 November 2019 after he was charged for assault. (PHOTO: Yahoo News Singapore/Wan Ting Koh)

SINGAPORE — Former Mediacorp actor Ng Aik Leong, known by his Chinese name as Huang Yiliang, was on Friday (26 February) jailed for 10 months at the State Courts for assaulting an employee with a metal scraper.

Ng, 59, who was found guilty last month after a trial, was also ordered to pay the Bangladeshi victim $3,300 in compensation.

On 11 December 2018, Ng hit Jahidul, who goes by one name, twice on his head and once on the abdomen at the canteen of Singapore Islamic Hub along Bradell Road.

The court earlier heard that Ng had “relentlessly verbally abused” Jahidul for months.

The victim came to Singapore on 14 October 2018 to work for Ng's firm HYL Enterprises and stayed at Ng’s house, sleeping in a room where tools were kept. The company carries out general cleaning services and plumbing works.

Ng would often enter Jahidul’s room at night, turn on the lights and hurl vulgarities at him.

Even though Jahidul indicated he wanted to resign, he felt threatened by Ng’s threat to falsely report him to the Manpower Ministry so that he could never return to Singapore.

Two audio recordings produced in court captured incidents before 11 December 2018 where Ng was also abusive.

One of these recorded an exchange on 26 November 2018, where Ng attempted to kick and attack Jahidul with a hammer, after the worker failed to take a photo of a water tank to his satisfaction. Jahidul ran away from Ng crying and tried to seek help from someone at Sim Lim Square to no avail.

In the other recording, Ng could be heard verbally abusing Jahidul for buying cable ties for 50 cents more.

Injured victim

On 11 December 2018, Ng took a heavy scraper with a 40cm-long wooden handle and a 15cm rusty, sharp metal tip and thrust it at Jahidul.

Ng then brought the scraper over his head and brought it down on Jahidul’s head, causing a bruise on the left of the victim’s scalp.

In his defence, Ng, who did not have a lawyer, said Jahidul would often fake forgetfulness “as if he were a child” and also asked to be hit as part of his learning process.

Ng also claimed that Jahidul asked to be hit under an “agreement” to help him remember “important” things.

“So (Jahidul) acted blur every day, and reminded me to hit him. He will tell me he’s sorry every day, and acted that he was very apologetic,” Ng testified at trial.

The assailant also claimed that the victim was waiting for an opportune moment to call the police so that he could terminate his contract.

Ng could have been jailed for up to seven years and fined.

He will begin his sentence on 15 March.

Ng faces a separate pending charge of fighting with a man, Mogana Raj Saravanan, along Buffalo Road and hitting him on the back of his head with a mobile phone on 9 June last year. The case is at the pre-trial stage.

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Ex-actor Huang Yiliang found guilty of assaulting worker with metal scraper

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