Ex-Aide Reveals Why Donald Trump Is ‘Afraid’ Of Kamala Harris

Former Trump White House communications director Alyssa Farah Griffin suggested why former President Donald Trump hasn’t really been making political hay over Joe Biden’s disastrous presidential debate performance.

“There’s a reason Donald Trump isn’t out there shouting about the debate,” Griffin said on Monday’s broadcast of ABC’s “The View,” which she now co-hosts.

Trump “knows that Joe Biden will lose to him,” Griffin said.

But he “is afraid of” Vice President Kamala Harris, she added.

Harris currently appears to be polling better against Trump than Biden is.

Griffin’s comments came during a discussion on whether Biden should quit his 2024 reelection campaign. The president has come under heightened scrutiny since the debate, when he appeared confused and fumbled multiple answers.

“The View” co-host Sunny Hostin acknowledged that Biden is not “the same person” as during his victorious 2020 campaign against Trump, when he was Barack Obama’s vice president or when he was a senator.

It’s not in policy terms, she said, but when he speaks.

“That concerns me,” she admitted. Hostin then repeated the “behind every great man is a great woman” saying, describing Harris as “prepared,” “ready” and “presidential.”

“If he [Biden] cannot complete a four-year term, we know we are protected,” she said, although she expressed discomfort with Biden stepping down because she doubted Americans would vote for a Black woman, given how they didn’t vote for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016.

She added that Republicans are “clearly scared” about Harris.

Watch the segment here: