Ex-soldier who lost his leg in an operation against Communists now suffers from nerve pain as well

Sharifah Mahsinah Abdullah

KUALA KRAI: Life was bad enough for former soldier Mohd Noor who lost his left leg in an operation against the Communists but now it has become worse as he has been suffering from nerve pain as well for two years. Previously the 68-year-old man, from Kampung Tengah here, could see, talk and move around with an artificial leg but now he is unable to do so.

The nerve pain of the father of six who was formerly attached with the Askar Melayu Diraja (RAMD) has made it difficult for him to open his eyes or speak.

According to his wife Siti Hawa Daud, 62, she had to learn a little bit of sign language to communicate with her husband.

“Before my husband was diagnosed with the nerve disease, many schools invited him to deliver ceramah and give motivation talks on national day to students although he had already retired.

“He will tell stories about his experiences during his service as a soldier and how he lost his left leg in a booby trap.

“However his spirit as a former soldier has never left him,” said Siti Hawa when met at her home here.

Siti Hawa said everytime Merdeka Day arrived, her husband would be happy. “We are grateful that the nerve pain has not affected his hearing. He can still listen to patriotic songs and other national day songs and even smile and show the thumbs up sign,” she said. Siti Hawa said her husband lost his leg in an operation against the Communists at Gubir, Kedah, in 1978.

“My husband was on patrol with several friends along the Malaysia/Thailand border when they were hit by the booby trap.

“He and his few friends were injured. My husband lost his left leg from knee below in the explosion,” she said. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd