Excited Tourist Goes On Quest To Find Hidden Penises Across The U.S.

Ron Dicker

Overly Excited Tourist Finds #DicksEverywhere from Funny Or Die

We like to think that HuffPost did its part to make phallic tourism cool, but Ryan O’Flanagan still gets props for this video chronicling the structural sausage fest that is America.

An overexcited O’Flanagan, from Netflix’s true crime spoof show “American Vandal,” sees penises in sidewalk posts, skyscrapers, city names (Dickago and San Frandickso), and even in a “tree-nis” and “cock-tus.”

In this clip posted by Funny or Die, watch O’Flanagan count the schlong-like features of our great land.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.