[EXCLUSIVE] 'Missing' yellow from attire?

Beatrice Nita Jay

KUALA LUMPUR: MANY Malaysians are puzzled as to why the colour yellow was “missing” from the National Day celebration official attire, worn by ministers in Putrajaya on Friday. They questioned if those, who decided on the attire, forgot that yellow is part of the colours of Jalur Gemilang and that it symbolises the sovereignty of Malay rulers and their roles as leaders of the Islamic faith. Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh Deo when asked on this, did not give a reason, but said: “I welcome all views and concerns raised. The event was a huge success and great emphasis was placed on ensuring that all protocols were adhered to. “Nevertheless, if there are suggestions to improve, I welcome them.

“If there are requests for yellow (colour) to be used in the Merdeka attire, I will take note of this and put it to the committee when we meet,” he said in his reply on the matter to the New Sunday Times. Netizens took to Facebook and social media platforms to express their dismay over the absence of the colour yellow in the official attire worn by ministers and other officials, at the 61st National Day celebration on Aug 31. “Why is the colour yellow that is the crescent and star on the national flag, which represents Islam as the official religion of the country, missing from the official National Day celebration attire?” said a Netizen.

Gobind said the ministry also received complaints on traffic management during the event in Putrajaya. “The ministry will try to overcome this and improve next year.” © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd