EXCLUSIVE: Messika Taps Kendall Jenner, Alton Mason for Latest Campaign

It’s all about minerals in Messika’s latest campaign: diamonds and the Palm Spring desert.

The campaign features Kendall Jenner and Alton Mason on a road trip at the wheel of the classic American cars Jenner loves.

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Founder and creative director Valérie Messika chose the pair as an embodiment of “a younger generation [who] has been able to take our jewels and make them true signs of style, a means of self-affirmation,” she said.

Jenner is “an accomplished and confident woman, well in tune with modern times,” Messika said, adding the model’s ability in front of the camera was such that “in one look, she is there.” As for Mason, his dancing and acting schedule that saw him always on the move was a fit for the brand’s energy, as is his “resonating and modern masculinity,” Messika said.

The campaign marks a move in a more cinematic direction for the French jewelry brand. “In this space held between earth and sky, I wanted to awaken the gaze to really build strong visual sequences,” she said.

Revealed on Monday, the first of the campaign’s three chapters is all about red, a color fit for “a breathtaking thriller,” according to the brand.

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Kendall Jenner for Messika.

Dressed in a glossy sleeveless high-collared latex minidress in a fire engine red that matches her Pontiac costar, Jenner is “a heroine who is both mysterious and retro-modern,” said Messika.

Two more chapters will be unveiled later, focusing on blue and purple. Beyond their visual appeal, the symbolism of each color also appealed to Messika, noting purple’s connection to wisdom, calm and creativity; red’s lucky connotations in her culture and flattering side, and blue’s evocation of the depth of the sky and softer edge.

In keeping with Messika’s habit of repeat collaborations, it’s the second time for Jenner and the third for photographer Chris Colls, who shot last year’s South of France escapade and the jeweler’s Kate Moss collaboration. As for Mason, he was among the models who walked in Messika’s second runway show, closed by Naomi Campbell.

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