These exhibitors represent a thriving global digital community; find them at Echelon Thailand 2017

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ECTH2017 Exhibitors

These exhibitors are showcasing their best products and services at Echelon Thailand

Exhibitors at conferences, while doing hard work, enjoy a lot of advantages; exhibiting at conferences is a great way to showcase your products and services, it gives you the chance to engage with your target market and the community, and it provides you with an avenue to establish a network of potential partners.

We’d like to introduce these 6 startups who are on Echelon Thailand’s digital platform, and who will be exhibiting at the conference this May 15-16 at Bangkok:


1. Appay

A comprehensive mobile commerce enabler company with merchant-end wallet app system, loyalty rewards system, and full-blown app-based O2O commerce facilities.


2. Aptoide

An Android app store with 700K apps and 120 million app downloads per month. They partnered with over 100 telecoms around the world to power their branded app stores


3. Arcadier

Marketplace-as-a-Service company, powering over 2,000 marketplaces in 45 countries. Arcadier allows anyone with no technical background to build their own marketplace within minutes – simple to use, with no coding knowledge required. Their fully-hosted platform supports various forms of multi-vendor ecommerce models, where users can easily choose from an array or modern website layouts.


4. Dew Touch Innovations

A web solutions company that launched Fleetnetics, an automative management platform and productivity service, that develops data analytics capabilities for motor workshops, develop and test machine learning models, and automate model building and integration of predictive capability into their ERP system.


5. Sawasdee Shop

Telecom provider with a wide-variety spectrum of voice technology services to cater to entire end-to-end solutions for customers and manage over 2 billion minutes a year. They promote cost-effective communication solution and services for startups.


6. Style Up

A high traffic fashion magazine and reservation platform for consumers and stylists.


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Echelon Thailand 2017 is a tech conference (May 15-16, Bangkok) and year-long digital platform attracting international speakers, founders, investors and professionals.

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