Expectant mum craving ‘lontong’ drives to popular Instagram chef’s Ampang home for a taste of the dish

Melanie Chalil
Nur Hayati of popular Instagram cooking page Yatie Kitchen was kind enough to share some lontong with an expectant mum. — Picture from Instagram/Yatie Kitchen

PETALING JAYA, Nov 5 — Some pregnant women would go to great lengths to satisfy their cravings.

Nur Hayati Zainol Abidin who is best known by her Instagram moniker Yatie Kitchen, received a desperate message six months ago from a lady who never had any serious cravings until she saw the chef’s delicious lontong.

Lontong is a Malay dish made with rice cakes, coconut broth with vegetables and served with a dollop of anchovy sambal.

“This time I really can’t bear it, I really want to eat this lontong.

“You’ve once asked pregnant mums if they wanted to have any of your dishes and I would type and delete my messages to you.


“I felt someone could use the offer more than me, but this time I abandoned all shame when I saw a picture of the lontong,” the mum-to-be wrote.

Without hesitation, Nur Hayati told the woman to collect the dish from her residence in Ampang immediately.

When asked if it was an imposition due to the late hour, Nur Hayati insisted she was not inconvenienced.

The woman then thanked the popular cooking personality and upon reaching home, she tucked into the dish to satisfy her cravings.

The home cook’s dish was a hit with the mum-to-be. — Picture from Instagram/Yatie Kitchen

“Oh my goodness, it’s so delicious,” the expectant mother wrote.

“It’s just ordinary,” the Instagram chef replied casually.

Nur Hayati, who has over half a million followers on Instagram, wrote about the funny yet heartwarming story yesterday after receiving an update from the lontong lover.

The woman has since given birth and thanked the kind-hearted home cook with a sweet message accompanied by a photo of her smiling six-month-old baby.

“You’re so kind, my baby got to taste your cooking and I was so shameless to go over to your house in the middle of the night,” the woman reminisced.

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