Expert warns of potential Russian-sponsored terrorist threats in Kyiv

Russian sabotage and reconnaissance groups may organize a terrorist attack in Kyiv — Kramarov
Russian sabotage and reconnaissance groups may organize a terrorist attack in Kyiv — Kramarov

Kyiv authoritues issued warnings about a possible spike in Russian missile assaults and potential infiltration by enemy reconnaissance and sabotage teams. Andriy Kramarov, a Ukrainian military expert and reserve officer, discussed the rising threat level with Radio NV.

Security concerns have led to enhanced safety protocols impacting public gatherings and transportation in Ukraine's capital.

Kramarov pointed to recent developments in Russia, including terrorist attacks and accusations from Russian officials blaming Ukraine, suggesting that Moscow might be planning retaliatory actions.

“But in reality, it will be an unjustified act of terrorism," Kramarov said.

Kramarov highlighted a surge in missile strikes on Ukrainian cities like Odesa, Kharkiv, and Mykolaiv, noting a shift toward more audacious targets aimed at civilians and critical infrastructure. The rhetoric from Russian propagandists, calling for the "complete destruction" of key Ukrainian cities, adds to the alarm.

Despite a temporary decrease in the intensity of hostilities on the front line, Kramarov believes that the combination of these factors points to an increased threat.

"There is a possibility of a sabotage and reconnaissance group actions," Kramarov said.  "Now it may come with a direct task - to organize not even a sabotage, but a terrorist attack... We must expect and understand the tightening of security measures that may now be introduced in the capital."

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Several terrorists opened fire with automatic weapons on attendees at a concert hall at Crocus City Hall in the Moscow suburb of Krasnogorsk, where the band Piknik was set to perform.

Russia claimed it detained those involved in the shooting and that the FSB had found a "Ukrainian trace" in the incident, alleging that the suspects were heading to cross the border into Ukraine, where they supposedly had contacts.

This narrative has been pushed by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and Russian propaganda.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry and Presidential Office have categorically denied Russian officials' accusations of Ukraine's involvement in the Crocus City Hall shooting.

ISIS claimed responsibility on March 23, releasing photos of the suspects detained by the Russian FSB earlier. ISIS later released a video shot by the terrorists in Crocus City Hall.

There is zero evidence tying Ukraine to the attack in Crocus City Hall near Moscow, U.S. State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller said on March 25.

Kremlin officials have no confirmation of Ukraine's involvement, but Putin continues to blame Ukraine.

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