'Exploding Beetle' Gives Unfortunate Toad a Severe Case of Indigestion

Japanese researchers Shinji Sugiura and Takuya Sato captured this amazing footage of a bombardier beetle escaping from toad’s stomach after being eaten as part of new research published on February 7.

After being gobbled up by the toad, the beetle releases a cloud of toxic gas, forcing the toad to vomit it up.

“Although all toads swallowed the bombardier beetles, 43 percent of the toads vomited the beetles 12-107 min after swallowing them,” according to the research. “All the vomited beetles were still alive and active. Large beetles escaped more frequently than small beetles, and small toads vomited the beetles more frequently than large toads.”

According to the authors, the results “demonstrate the importance of the prey–predator size relationship in the successful escape of prey from inside a predator.” Credit: Shinji Sugiura via Storyful