Explore mindfulness with Marina Abramović while waiting for your WeTransfer upload

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Marina Abramović will soon be presenting her own meditation method to users of the file-sharing service, WeTransfer.

Marina Abramović is always one to crop up where she's least expected. So don't be surprised if you see her appear when you're sharing files with the WeTransfer app. The Serbian-American artist has joined forces with the Dutch firm for a year of online programs presented by its editorial arm, WePresent.

The queen of performance art will notably be familiarizing WeTransfer users with "The Abramović Method" in an immersive digital format that will be reaching "70 million people worldwide" starting this summer. This mindfulness method includes exercises focusing on breathing, movement, stillness and concentration. It's an "exploration of being present in both time and space in a year when reconnecting with ourselves has never been more important," explains Marina Abramović.

This coming September, the Serbian-American artist will also share her vision of performance through her "Time Capsule," a collection of references, ideas and objects that influence her work. "We hope that many will feel inspired by Abramović's legacy and appreciate the power of technology and digital design in creating new art experiences," said Holly Fraser, editor-in-chief of WePresent, speaking about the initiative.

While the most tech-savvy art fans wait patiently to delve into the inspirations of Marina Abramović, they can already discover her selection of upcoming performance artists, including Ana Prvački, Maurício Ianês, Yiannis Pappas, Terence Koh and Regina José Galindo. Their work will be spotlighted as part of WeTransfer's "Guest Curator Series," for which Marina Abramović is the inaugural ambassador.

The "invaluable" role of the digital world

"Since the pandemic took hold this time last year, the digital realm has been invaluable in preserving the arts for tomorrow. Our new Guest Curator Series continues WePresent's digital patronage, as we ask established artists in their field to spotlight emerging talent. As a platform that has featured over 1,000 creatives from 100 countries, we believe this is vital in a world where the arts need support following an unprecedented, challenging period, especially emerging artists around the world," explains Holly Fraser.

New technologies have for a long time formed an integral part of the work of Marina Abramović, as seen in her mixed reality piece, "The Life." This artistic creation, in which the artist appears in hologram form, sold for the first time at auction in October last year at Christie's. Although estimated to fetch GB£400,000 to £800,000 by the auction house, "The Life" finally sold for £287,500 (approx. US$400,385).

Caroline Drzewinski