Extra spicy noodles with durian: Singer Ara Johari slammed online for eating ‘health hazard’

Ara threw up shortly after downing the stomach-churning meal. — Screengrab from Instagram/arajohari
Ara threw up shortly after downing the stomach-churning meal. — Screengrab from Instagram/arajohari

PETALING JAYA, July 29 — Singer Ara Johari has come under fire for promoting potentially dangerous behaviour in her latest stunt.

A video posted on her Instagram account shows the Paku musician chowing down on extra spicy noodles with durian as part of a challenge with her friends.

After a few big bites, the heaty combination proved to be too much for Ara to handle as she gags and vomits into a plastic bag.

A shot of an ambulance at the end of the clip suggests that the 22-year-old had to be ferried to the hospital after the stomach-churning meal.

The act has been heavily condemned by social media users, including actress Nabila Huda who left a scathing comment labelling the challenge as “stupid”.

“Who are the morons who started the challenge of eating spicy noodles with durian?

“Stop doing stupid things like this. Durian is already a heaty food, suppose you died while eating this, then what?” she wrote.



A chorus of other commenters echoed Nabila’s thoughts, with many accusing Ara of trying to court YouTube and Instagram views by sacrificing her own health.

“This activity brings no benefit, it’s just about going viral,” wrote nureul.lee.

“You guys are public figures. Please try to set a better example for others,” said fyrajohan.

Ara then responded to Nabila’s comment by reassuring her that everyone was apparently fine after downing the dish.

“Alhamdulillah, everything’s fine. I hope no one tries to follow this challenge, because it really isn’t for everyone,” she wrote.

The spicy noodle challenge is nothing new for online influencers, but Ara and her friends are part of a small group who have dared to pair the fiery dish with the king of fruits.

YouTuber Nikocado Avocado uploaded a video in 2017 where he ate four packs of spicy Korean instant noodles with several helpings of durian, but unlike Ara, his iron stomach appeared to hold up throughout the entire meal.

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