In a new extreme for Starfield ship-building, one pilot makes a flying tower to recreate the iconic Metal Gear Solid ladder scene

 Metal Gear Solid collection .
Metal Gear Solid collection .

In the neverending pursuit to build wacky Starfield ships, one player has created an homage to Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater’s famous long ladder scene. In simpler terms, this Starfield player has an excessively long set of ladders in their ship. Come look.

Originally posted on the game’s subreddit, player Hostgr’s creation features a ladder that’s so long, you can barely see the floor. You can see a snippet from the lengthy ship below, as the pilot ascends through multiple floors with no sign of stopping. Who knows where that thing ends?

According to the creator, the reference to Snake Eater and its exorbitantly long ladder scene is intentional. But there’s still one major unanswered question: what does the outside of this ship look like? I’m guessing it’s some kind of flying tube. “I am trying to build Naglfar from Eve Online,” the creator says in a follow-up comment, “it is a Dreadnaught type ship and it’s vertical.” They say their ship “doesn’t resemble [the Naglfar] yet,” but the journey to recreate the ship led to this sweet Metal Gear Solid homage.

Travelling up the ship is probably a pain but, as some commenters point out, its lengthy design likely makes it impenetrable. “I like to imagine someone trying to raid that ship, looking up that ladder and just going “f**k it, not worth it,” one commenter jokes.

Starfield shipbuilders keep one-upping each other with increasingly impressive spacecraft. One master craftsman made an Imperial Destroyer from Star Wars, alongside a 21-page guide to explain how it’s done. Others chased more wholesome pleasures, such as a loveable version of Thomas The Tank Engine.

MGS enjoyers can instead look forward to Konami's upcoming remake of Metal Gear Solid 3.

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