Facebook brings VR to your office with the 'Oculus for Business' pack

Andrew Tarantola

While the new standalone Oculus Go stole the spotlight at Facebook's Oculus 4 event in San Francisco, the company did also announced its plans to bring virtual reality into the office space with the "Oculus for Business bundle. It includes a Rift VR headset, a pair of Oculus Touch controllers, three spacial sensors, and three "facial interfaces" (the foam bits that rest against your face) as well as dedicated customer support and expanded licenses and warranties.

Facebook figures that companies can leverage the headsets as replacements for video conferencing or accelerate new employee training, similar to the system that KFC recently implemented. Early adopters include Audi, which uses the headsets in its dealerships, enabling customers to modify their vehicle's various options before they buy. The bundle retails for $900 and is currently available for order from the Oculus website.