Facebook Helped Boy Score a New Pet

By: Elina at Parenting.com

Be careful with your promises, parents! One young boy earned himself a pet cat after winning a bet he made with his father.

When son Remi kept begging for a feline friend, Dan Urbano offered the boy an impossible wager: If Remi and his one-year-old sister, Evelyn, could get 1,000 likes on a Facebook photo of them pleading their case, the cat would be theirs.

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Dan thought that would be the end of it. But of course, that was not so. While the dad had his doubts, mom Marisa uploaded a picture of the siblings holding a sign that read: "Hey Facebook! My sister and I really want a cat. Our papa promises we can get one if we can get 1,000 likes. Please like this picture. Thank you!"

The likes came flooding in. Just hours after posting the photo, the Urbano family knew they were going to get a cat. The photo currently has close to 111,000 likes and 105,000 shares.

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"Never, ever did we think this was going to happen," Marisa told Good Morning America. And, true to their word, Dan and Marisa welcomed a new member of the family: Hairietta L. Pawturr-changed from Hairy Pawturr when the kitty cat turned out to be a her instead of a him. The middle initial "L" was given in honor of all of the likes from Facebook.

What things have you bargained for when promising your child a pet?