Facebook says helped airlift Afghan staff, journalists from Kabul

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Representative image
Representative image

Washington [US] September 2 (ANI/Sputnik) - Facebook said it helped evacuate Afghan journalists to Mexico from Kabul, alongside the tech giant's employees, partners and their families, according to a statement seen by media.

"In the process of assisting Facebook employees and close partners leave Afghanistan, we joined an effort to help a group of journalists and their families who were in grave danger," a Facebook spokesperson told Axios news outlet.

The US social media network thanked Mexico for taking them in and the United Arab Emirates for providing the initial landing. Mexico confirmed that a group of 175 Afghan citizens landed at Mexico City's airport on Wednesday.

"This group, the fourth to come to Mexico for humanitarian reasons due to the situation in Afghanistan, is made up of social media workers, activists and independent journalists and their families, including 75 children," a statement read.

This was the first ever Egypt Air flight to land in the Central American country. Mexico thanked the government of Egypt and its embassy workers in Iran, the UAE and Egypt for their invaluable assistance. (ANI/Sputnik)

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