Facts and figures for Lee Kuan Yew's Lying In State

1. Number of servicemen involved in the State Funeral

The number of SAF personnel involved in the State Funeral was initially estimated at 2,800, but this has since doubled with the increased requirements.

2. Number of tentages, barricades, railings at Parliament House

A total of about 300 tentages and about 1,000 barricades have been set up for the management of queues.

3. Number of people involved in holding vigil guards

With the extension of hours for the Lying In State, the number of SAF personnel performing duties as vigil guards has been increased from 30 to around 60.

4. Number of condolence cards/gifts/flowers received

As of 27 March, 11am, a total of about 100,000 condolence cards, gifts and flowers have been received.

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