Fairies getting the manga treatment

Fairies getting the manga treatment

9 Apr – Pop idol group Fairies would be adapted as heroines for a manga to teach the importance of chasing one's dreams.

According to Tokyo Hive, the announcement was made during the release event of the 7 member group's third single "Beat Generation / No More Distance" at the Ikebukuro Sunshine City.

The manga would begin serialising in the manga magazine 'Margaret' on its 4 August issue. It would be about 'dance' as the members from the idol group inspire a group of junior high school students to take up dancing and chase their dreams.

Publisher Shueisha editor-in-chief Sawano Yuji revealed that the manga was made following the decision that dance would be made a compulsory subject in junior high schools and Fairies were a suitable role model to make it fun.

"Fairies, who display wonderful dancing, are perfect as the heroines. I will do my best to make this a manga that will make readers think, 'dance is fun!'" he said.

Fairies was formed in 2011 and won the 53rd Japan Record Awards as the Best New Artist.