Fairytale wedding: Singapore journalist goes to Bhutan and marries her tour guide in whirlwind romance

Since we are now in the holiday mood, don’t be surprised the next time you fall in love with your tour guide while on holiday.

For journalist Karen Lim, that dream became a reality when she went to Bhutan and ended up marrying her tour guide almost a year after that fateful meeting.

Her blog on the whole process was shared in a thread Saturday (Dec 15) on the SGTalk forum and received more than 3,000 views and 80 comments as of press time.

Commenters on the forum were happy for her but also had mixed reactions about the unorthodox nature of the situation.

In her blog post, Karen said she was practicing meditation and decided to fly to Bhutan on August 2017 as she felt there was a strong calling for her to go there despite wanting to go a year later with friends.

After having met her tour guide Ngawang on a hike, the pair kept up their long-distance dating when he came over to Singapore for the New Year festivities and she went back to Bhutan a few months later for a volunteer training stint.

She then received the great news that her work permit to Bhutan was approved and a few months later, Ngawang asked Karen for her hand in marriage.

“When fate and destiny hit you in the face like a ton of bricks, that’s when you truly accept the plot twist you never expected,” wrote Karen.

The pair got married this past October in a ceremony that consisted of traditional Bhutan, Chinese and Western weddings all wrapped up in one day.

The pair also documented their whirlwind romance in video, which was played at their Bhutan wedding.

The wedding is proof that fairytales do come true, if you believe in miracles and end up finding a really cute tour guide on a trip to Bhutan.

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