After falling in love with durian in Malaysia, Japanese YouTuber hunts for it in Hong Kong (VIDEO)

Mark Ryan Raj

YouTuber iChang smelling the durian that she bought to check if it is still fresh. ― Screengrab from Youtube/ iChang Hong Kong

PETALING JAYA, July 22 ― Durian ― you either love it or you hate it.

The King of Fruits is an acquired taste to say the least, as anyone who tries it either falls in love with its rich and sweet taste or never wants to lay their eyes on the pungent fruit ever again.

A Japanese YouTuber who goes by the name iChang, revealed that after having a taste of the Malaysian Musang King during a vacation in Penang, she was hooked.

But she lives in Hong Kong, a place where the thorny fruit is not as easily available in comparison to Malaysia.

She uploaded a video that documented her struggles as she ventured around the streets of Hong Kong in pursuit of anything that resembles the taste of the fruit.

Her first attempt was to try out a HK$98 (RM52), “D24 Cigar Roll” which is an egg roll of some sorts that uses D24 and Musang King as its flavours and is purchasable from 7-Eleven’s in the region.

Although there were initial doubts on whether or not to buy it, because it is so expensive, the taste was nice but iChang did not prefer it as she said: “I want to eat real durian”.

Unsatisfied by her purchase, iChang and her companion made their way to a market in Yau Ma Tei.

She was shocked as she strolled through the market and found out that durians go for anywhere between HK$65 and HK$140 per pound ― that’s between RM34 and RM75 for less than half a kilogramme!

iChang cutting the durian open. ― Screengrab from Youtube/ iChang Hong Kong

iChang ended up buying a Musang King durian for HK$102 (RM54) but was left once again dissatisfied, as she said:

“The stem is not fresh, and the flesh is gooey, maybe because it’s too ripe.

“I can’t go back there to buy another one again, it’s hard to eat it, you can’t eat it once you’ve had one from Malaysia.”

She was visibly dissatisfied with what she got, as her companion tried to soften the blow by saying that the durians that they got in Malaysia were “too good” to be compared to anything that they get in Hong Kong.

But, that did not stop her, as she continued to pursue a tasty Musang King the very next day.

Thanks to her determination, she ended up finding one too ― for a cool HK$276 (RM145).

iChang realised that the one that she bought from the day before was “too cheap” because the durians that she saw on the second day even went for up to HK$440 (RM230).

She said: “This one is much better, the flesh is not gooey and  it even has the flat seed, it’s almost the same, but the one in Malaysia is still fresher.”

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