Famed coffee spot Sanity Coffee Bar to close on 25 Jun 2023 after 4 years of operations

With the end coming from many places in the F&B industry, it seems that many folks’ favourite places are vanishing. As it turns out, those who love this coffee bar is not exempted. Sanity Coffee Bar, located within Esplanade Mall, has announced plans to shut their doors on 25 Jun 2023.

Quirky name, right? This coffee spot is home to rather unique creations like the MrLorBak Toastie (S$14). Its popularity is thanks to its founder Chen Diya, who is a member of the iconic The Freshman, a popular Mandopop folk-pop duo.

Sanity Coffee Bar — Interior

This piece of disheartening news was announced via an Instagram post. Diya thanked customers for their continuous support, mentioning that she will miss the ‘epic memories’ experienced at Sanity Coffee Bar.

Many folks left distraught comments, saying they will miss the hidden gem that has given them sanity, ironically enough.

Sanity Coffee Bar — Piakssant

The reasoning behind the closure is unclear, with no inkling of such in the post. There has also not been any discussion as to whether Sanity Coffee Bar will be reopened in another location. What’s for sure is that Sanity Coffee Bar is sure to be packed with both people and nostalgia, as we all prepare to bid the coffee joint farewell.

Sanity is known for their Piakssants (S$11) that come in 4 flavours like Hawaiian, Margarita and Sea-salt Nutella. Essentially being flat croissants, they are packed with the chosen filling which definitely makes for an excellent snack. Toasties are also available for a quick bite!

Sanity Coffee Bar — Dark Matter

However, what is a coffee spot without coffee? Sanity’s top recommendation would be Dark Matter (S$8). With brown sugar crystals on the rim and dark soy sauce coffee, this concoction is a true drink combination of savoury and sweet.

With a final month and a half to say goodbye, Sanity Coffee Bar will soon disappear from Singapore’s realm of cafes. Be sure to check it out before it’s all too late!

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