Family charged RM50 for bowl of Maggi with crab in Kelantan

Chris Mohan
RM50 for a bowl of Maggi with crab? No, thanks. — Picture via Facebook

PETALING JAYA, Sept 20 — A family’s dinner at a food stall along Pantai Cahaya Bulan in Kelantan ended in dismay after they were charged RM50 for a bowl of Maggi with crab.

Besides the ridiculous price tag for a bowl of Maggi, they were charged RM101 for drinks that included iced tea and Kopi O for 29 people, an average of about RM3.50 per drink.

Siti Roshilah Rosli, 31, said she was stunned to receive the bill for RM413 during the incident last Friday. 

 “I paid RM101 for the drinks, RM109 for the prawn fritters and RM203 for a variety of dishes including the two bowls of Maggi which contained a mangrove crab each and a couple of tom yum dishes.

“When I asked how the price of the dishes came up to RM203, the owner said each bowl of Maggi with crab cost RM50, but the menu showed it only cost RM15,” she told Sinar Online.   

Siti Roshilah was shocked when she received the bill, which came up to RM413. — Picture via Facebook

Siti Roshilah paid but reported the matter on the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) Facebook page on Sunday night.

“They have since raided the shop and upon discovery they told me that I wasn’t the only one who complained about the prices.

“I hope that stern action will be taken by the authorities so that they will learn a lesson not to take advantage of a customer,” she said.

The ministry's state enforcement chief Firdaus Zakaria told Sinar Online that his team inspected the stall and found out the owner misled patrons with displayed prices.

“The business owner’s excuse was that the price of crabs fluctuates depending on the market price and they did not have time to change their menu. The owner is also believed to have taken advantage due to it being the holiday season.

“We will not compromise and will impose a stern action by extending this case to the prosecution for further action.”

The prices of food items as displayed at the food stall in Kelantan. — Picture via Facebook

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